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Society Contacts

Officers of the Society


John Rowley                                      


Carl Leyshon                                      

Archaeology Secretary

Nigel Bond                                          

Museum Managers

Duncan MacFarlane                           

Peter Humphreys                               

Talks Organiser

Duncan MacFarlane                          


Cathy Brett                                         

Records Secretary

Position Vacant - see Archival Material Contacts

but emails will be dealt with

Membership Secretary

Frank Haslam                                     

Newsletter Editor/Publicity Secretary

Tony Matthews                                    

Proceedings Editor

David Hawksworth                              

Archival Material

The Society’s archival material including documents, illustrations and maps, may be accessed through the following members:


Ashtead Archive                         

John Rowley

Bookham Archive                       

Position Vacant - but emails will be dealt with

Fetcham Archive                          

Alan Pooley

Leatherhead Archive              

Position Vacant - but emails will be dealt with

Friends of the Leatherhead Museum


Duncan Macfarlane


Peter Humphreys

Treasurer, Friends of Leatherhead Museum           

Carl Leyshon

Where to find us

The Museum

Leatherhead Museum,

64 Church Street,


KT22 8DP

Telephone:  01372 386348  - During Opening hours

Email:  See contact above

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